Admin Panel - edit external user names and email addresses

We can't edit external user names once they've been created. If you find the user and click edit, you have no access to change their name or email address. In the case where the email address is correct, but the user name needs to be changed (a misspelling for instance), you would think you could simply delete the user and re-add them - but no. It remembers that email address and automatically fills in the user's name (misspelling and all).

I think it's reasonable to expect you may need to edit a person's name or email address - especially if you haven't even actually invited them yet.



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    Hi Tammy - your comment makes perfect sense to me, and as the Product Manager for Security & Governance for at least a few more weeks I am happy to discuss this with my successor and the architects and engineers and see what we can do about it.

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  • Thanks Jed - much appreciated!

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