When a user clicks on a NetDocs document link, NetDocs should *OPEN* the document without further user action

Currently, when a user clicks on a NetDocs file link, the user is taken to a screen in NetDocs at which the user can then move her cursor the file and click on the file to open it.   

Why, oh why, make the user click on the file?   When multiplied across your user base, and their respective documents, this results it millions of unnecessary clicks -- a big waste of time!

Please revise ND so that when a user clicks on ND file link, the files OPENs without any further user action.   



  • Hello nwalker, we do not have this issue in our environment. In what manner is the link being generated? 

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  • There may be some people who do not want to edit or open the document when following a link. They may want to Preview it, or take some other action on it. But depending on how the link is originally generated, there is a way to make a link that opens the document. For example, when sending a link through an email, there are 3 link options, one of which will open the document directly. The 'Open' link looks like this: https://vault.netvoyage.com/neWeb2/searchRes.aspx?newSearch=E&q==999(4817-2397-3606)&open=1 Note the "&open=1" at the end. This means the document will open directly when the link is clicked.

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