Remove the "Request cabinet unprotection" option from the "List Of Cabinets" page

Please will you remove the "Request cabinet unprotection" link from the "List of Cabinets" page.  I have found that a number of cabinet administrators have clicked this option intending to change security on a cabinet and being mistaken.  Certainly I've always been able to prevent the cabinet becoming unprotected, but if any other cabinet administrator approves the request, the cabinet could then potentially be deleted along with all the content.

This option is simply too easy to access and should be removed from this page.  There is a similarly named link on the Cabinet administration page, but it is less prominent and amongst other security controls which provide more context.



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  • Official comment Jed Cawthorne

    Thanks for posting this idea. On examination we don't think we can remove the link from the list page, because there are legitimate scenarios where a Repository Administrator needs to request a Cabinet to be set to "unprotected". If the Repo Admin is not also a Cabinet Admin for a given Cabinet, they would not be able to access the link on the Cabinet Admin page. We will certainly consider changing the language on the label to make it more obvious what the link is for. 

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