Workspace webpage not minimized - Always expanded

Currently a workspace web page is minimized. We would like to keep it expanded on the overview tab so that users can simply click onto the overview tab to see the data rather than having to click onto the overview page and then expand the webpage.



  • Tony Foy


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  • Christel Aguila

    When the Overview tab was introduced before, our webpart, which we had on our matter workspace was automatically moved to the overview tab in a minimized form. I raised my frustration and this must have been nearly 3 years ago. We included a webpart on the matter workspace so that the netdocuments matter can have key real time information   - finance kpis, compliance related, etc that was brought to the user's attention immediately as they are in and out of ND. It was one of the things our users loved when we moved to ND. By moving it to the overview tab and on top of that in a minimized form, meant it went from being very efficient to a hardly used function as it went from no click to 2 clicks. I have raised this then -even if it was a registry setting. We had plans for the overview tab before which we did not progress until this was an automatically maximized/expanded tab. It wouldn't even stick if you opened it up.  Please please please listen to your users!

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