Harvest metadata from email attachments

ND Save in ndOffice 2.7 doesn't pick up metadata for saved attachments.

We have a group of users who receive email messages, and in the email there are several other emails attached. They are then asked to save those attachments to NetDocuments. Using the ND Save to feature in ndOffice 2.7, they can choose to break out the attachments, however, the email metadata carried through to the DMS is incorrect. Instead of picking up the Sender/Recipient from the email attachment, the recipient of the host email is used (so it looks like I sent all of them).

To get around this, our users have to open each email attachment separately and save it individually so they have the correct Sender/Recipient/Date metadata from Outlook.

Please look into new coding or correcting your coding so we get the correct metadata. Users reported that in earlier versions on NetDocuments integration (maybe EMS or an earlier version on ndOffice), the correct metadata was carried through.




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  • Joshua Deutch Dylan

    This issue has been occurring for a long time, at least at our firm. The problem is likely not something NetDocuments can get around, as it is Microsoft's issue by not passing the metadata along.  We have recommended to our folks that they open the embedded email separately and then save it.

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