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Include resize tool for logo images/ Increase size limitations

From the client:


In the current state, logos must adhere to a specific image size allowance. My issue is with the 550 x 60 pixels dimensions being too restrictive and requiring the use of a third party image resizer tool. I currently use this website to shrink images to meet the 550 x 60 pixel requirement. This process adds about two minutes of extra work, and if you times that by 100 workspaces [or more], it comes out to roughly three and ½ hours spent uploading a logo. As ND is all about efficiency in time savings, they should consider taking the following actions;


  1. Increase the maximum pixel dimensions to 600 x 180 as most website logos are sized within those pixel dimensions.
  2. Include a resizing tool built into the uploader that resizes the image to the maximum allowed image size.  
Status: None

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