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ndOffice - Search entire Cabinet by default when running an Advanced Search

Recently one of my users was attempting to save a document from an email attachment to Netdocuments using ND Save. When the user ran an advanced search to find a specific Workspace using the client number, he didn't get any search results, instead he got a blank screen with a message that said "There are no documents or locations that match these criteria or you may not have access to them". This user was working to meet a deadline, and was extremely frustrated and didn't understand why he couldn't locate a Workspace that he had actively been working in all day.

We later found out that the advanced search was searching within a completely different Workspace, which is why we weren't getting results related to the client number he had inputted. I found that there is a checkbox that he could have checked that says "Search within container", and after checking this box, the results he wanted appeared.

The Advanced Search doesn't behave this way in the Netdocuments Web interface, so this user had no idea what was going on. We think it would be a great idea if Advanced search behaves the same way in ndOffice as it does in the web. If you could give us the option to enable the option to always "Search within container" when a user attempts an Adnvanced Search, that would be fantastic.

Please let me know if you would like more information. I did have a support ticket opened about this, and the representative suggested that I submit this request to the Idea Bank.

Status: None

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