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Tasks - feedback from client

One of our clients who has been testing Tasks fairly extensively has provided the following feedback based on the current Beta release: 

  • Workspaces boards currently listed as “default” should be listed by workspace name, so that when viewing the "My tasks" list, it's clear which tasks correlate with each workspace
  • Need more colors options, possible 15+, that are bright and easily identifiable [red, not shades or red like “maroon” or “crimson”]
  • Comments section tab should change color/indicate when new conversations are added that need to be viewed.   
  • When assigning someone to a new task, needs to open the task itself when clicked on.
  • When a task is completed, it should be archived by default and moved to “Done” or preselected Task List.
  • In the Details tab > Description box, basic formatting tools, such as Font style + size, bullet points, etc should be added.  
  • For “Tags” – inputs/options created should apply to all workspace Tasks, currently tags are workspace specific
Status: None

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