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New Previewer needs to show certificate stamp

Hello all,

We have seen the new previewer (beta) which is great!

We would like to see in the next new versions the ability to show the certificate stamps in a document preview, as it is shown in the legacy previewer.

This is a very common action by law firms to see if a document is signed and to see signing information that is shown in the stamp... 

Not having this feature in the new previwer results in having to open the document to see it... 

Could you please mirror this feature avaialble in the legacy previewer into the new previewer? This also happens if you open the document in the browser "View in Browser"


Kind regards,


Status: None

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Hello Nuno,


This is geat feedback and we've notated it on our backlog!   We want to make sure that anything that could be done in the old preview can still be done today in the new technology.  


Fred Levesque

Product Manager

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