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Add an option for Short or Long Description in Lookup Tables

I’ve had two client firms who have expressed the need to customize the name of a workspace beyond what is currently available. Something like a ‘short’ vs ‘long’ description would help them both. This is in part because there are technical and practical limits to where and how the workspace name appears.

For example, a client name might be California State System of Higher Education. That is the description in the lookup table. But, they only need to see “CA Higher Ed” in each of the workspace titles for that client. They want to keep the full name in the table (long description) but apply a short description to the workspace title. This allows the overall workspace title to be shorter, and easier to view in the navigation pane, and ndMail prediction pane.

Similarly, a matter name might be “ACME Corporation vs. Robert Shumacher, et al.” But the client name is already ACME Corporation so that does not need to be repeated and they want to search by “Bob Shumacher.” So the matter short description would be Bob Shumacher and that is used in the workspace title instead of the matter’s long description.

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