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ndMail Profile Defaults or Mandatory Profile Attributes


We came across 2 major isses with ndMail which would be nice to have them in new version 1.9:

1 - If you file an email using ndMail it does not assume your Profile Default

2 - If you file an email using ndMail and you have mandatory profile attributes, it will file the email with BLANK values on those mandatory attributes. It does not ask you to fill those attributes, just sends the email, saves it with blank fields.


In conclusion: With those 2 issues, you file emails with BLANK values, and you have conversation filing enabled, you end-up with tons of emails with BLANK mandatory fields...

All we ask in ndMail 1.9 version is to either use the Profile Defaults defined for the user or at least prompt to fill the mandatory fields. And you can do it only once because if you use conversation filing it will inherit those profile attributes!

Thanks guys!

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Definitely a good idea.

It could also be taken further, by providing an additional ndMail settings pane that allows the end user to specify which profile defaults to apply.

The chosen settings can then be provided to the ndMail service by the ndMail add-in along with the Mail ID and Client-Matter reference for filing.



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Thank you for raising. This is very much an issue which we have had to overcome in a convoluted manner by reporting after the fact. It would be much better to reinforce the mandatory setting in ND  within ndMail. Getting users to enter the right data at the point of entry will be hugely advantageous 

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