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In relation to Case #322431, we would like to submit an enhancement request for better experience when previewing large-size documents. Currently, previewing documents which are larger than 1MB (mostly because they contain embedded documents) seems to either take very long or fail, after which the only choice is to close down all browsers and start again. In particular, we need to be able to quickly preview documents one after the other. I understand that a new preview functionality is currently being developed but it seems this improvement is focused more on being able to annotate and search. I would like to know if this new functionality also considers speed and stable performance when previewing large documents. Thank you.



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  • Hi Mickey,

    Thank you for the feedback!  The new previewer set to come out in August will be able to render larger files faster than the current previewer. Speed and loading time was a primary consideration when developing the new previewing technology. 


    Fred Levesque

    Product Manager

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