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Auto Saving Emails - Not quite right?


The autosave of emails function ensures that replies to saved emails are also saved into the location where the first person saved that email to - that is great.

It also applies this function to emails that are forwarded - which is not so great. We have found that if you make a change to the email subject then the forwarded email is not saved. However, this is something that our users would have to remember to do.

We have instances where saved emails have been forwarded on by other users and then there have been various replies to that forwarded email (the user saving the original email was not part of these replies and that could cause issues) - all of these have saved to a personal workspace where an individual saved the first email.

Is there a chance that NetDocuments could look at changing the autosave so that it only saves replies - I know this is how other DMS's work?

Status: None

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