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Secure Link for a Folder or Filter

It would be great to be able to create a secured link (document delivery) at the folder or filter level. Right now, sharing multiple items through secure links makes it difficult to view the documents or page through them. A use case is: I have a trademark and licensing team that has to submit reports to business stakeholders on a monthly or quarterly basis. As part of the report, these stakeholders need to see all executed agreements under a certain matter/project. As new agreements/versions are added, they want to have the report automatically updated to include them without having to re-send the links, or send a separate set of links. An external user account or CollabSpace won't work because they only need to view copies of the documents at irregular intervals and upon demand, making it too unwieldy to manage external user access, or train them on how to use a new system. Granting external access to a subset of documents within a matter based on profiles is too difficult. CollabSpaces do not allow profile-based permissions. The current work-around is to combine all the documents into a zip file and share the zip through a secure link. But this makes it hard when the 'report' is updated - you have to create a whole new zip file and re-send the link. 

A link to a folder or filter would allow the recipient to view or download each item in the container, and automatically see updates when new documents are added. Access can be granted one time through a single link, with or without a password and/or expiration date. Perhaps a visual indicator could be added to the folder to warn users that one or more secured links have been created for that folder. Or, only allow one active secured link per folder to be created and it would be a static link a user could copy. 

Status: None

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