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Virtual Data Room - Document Viewer - View Only Confidential Files


We have received several requests from users to share a location/container/folder in NetDocs to be able to allow users to View only confidential files.


  1. Convert Document to some type of "Virtual Data Room Webpage viewer"
  2. View only documents - Current View Settings when using CollabSpaces allows users to Download
  3. Disable Copy/Paste - Current Deliver Secured Link allows users to Copy/Paste
  4. Track all Open/Views by the External user



A competitor that has this feature:

Citrix ShareFile View Only Access

The following file formats are compatible with our document viewer: PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

When these files formats are uploaded to your account they will go through a rendering process to allow them to be viewed in the document viewer. The viewer allows users to scroll through the pages and view the document without downloading it to their computer. The rendering process takes, on average, one minute per document uploaded to complete. If you have files that are not available for view only after several hours, please contact ShareFile Support. 


Status: None

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