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Consolidated E-mail Notifications for Documents Added to a CollabSpace.

Currently, the only way to receive notifications for documents added to a CollabSpace is to add a "follow" to that CollabSpace. The problem is that NetDocs generates an individual e-mail notification for each and every document added to that CollabSpace. This means that if, for example, a client uploads 50 documents to the CollabSpace, NetDocs will generate 50 individual notification e-mails. Each e-mail will list just one of the documents uploaded. 

There should be a way to consolidate all CollabSpace upload/download notifications into a single notification e-mail. This way NetDocs would send one notification e-mail that lists all documents that were uploaded or downloaded at the same time. Thus, when the client uploads 50 documents at the same time, there is one notification e-mail sent out listing all of the documents in the same e-mail. 

Even better would be the ability to set e-mail alerts for all documents uploaded during a span of time. For example, NetDocs would send a single notification e-mail listing all of the documents uploaded in the past hour to the CollabSpace. 

The current notification e-mails that are completely granular are not very useful because they result in an overflow of e-mails when a user uploads multiple documents.


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