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Add Download button by default to Power Bar for External Users in CollabSpaces

Adding the "Download" button to the Power Bar by default for external users in CollabSpaces would be very helpful.

We are using CollabSpaces to share documents with clients.

It is not clear for the client how to download documents from a CollabSpace. They have to click on the "More" button just to find a "Download" button. This requires explanation each time for each new client because it is not clear or intuitive how to even download documents (which is a key functionality of a CollabSpace).

By default, it appears that NetDocs sets the "E-mail Copy, E-mail Link, Upload New Version, Edit Profile" to the PowerBar.

This is acceptable for internal users that are trained on NetDocs. The problem is when using CollabSpaces with new clients that do not have any training: the Download button is hidden from them behind the "More" button/pane that they have to figure out needs to be clicked just to find the Download button (that is then listed among many other options on the "More" page). 

The Power Bar should be set to default for external users to have the Download button in the Power Bar.

By contrast, the big orange "+ Add" button is featured prominently on the top of each page in the CollabSpace (and elsewhere in NetDocs). An even better feature update would be to add an orange "Download" button to the top of each page in a CollabSpace.

[Having used Citrix ShareFile for 5 years previously to send/share documents with clients, it is frustrating how the CollabSpaces have not been optimized for ease of use with external users and to be intuitive for such new users.]


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