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Add separate 'save' and 'submit' buttons for ndMail configuration

When adding an Exchange server to a repository, I would like to have a separate 'save' button that saves the host, verification email, and admin credentials even if they aren't validated. Often, I will enter all that information, click save, and for a number of reasons it won't be valid. I then have to close out of it to try again later and have to re-enter all that info again (or most of it) in order to validate it. I would like to first validate the information, and if it isn't valid, be able to save that information, then come back later to validate or submit it without having to enter it all in again. Maybe have two buttons on this dialog: 'Save' and 'Validate'. Then, have some sort of visual indicator on the list of connected Exchange servers that shows which ones have been saved but not validated.

Status: None

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