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Checked out Documents List

Being able to search for Checked Out Documents is great, but for IT, it would also be nice to have columns with who has it checked out and the date it was checked out. I know I can hover over the checkmark or use filters, but columns would make this much more efficient for our IT group.

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I've just joined a firm and am in the process of going through and trying to clean up the thousands of checked out documents.  Some from current employees (obviously), but a lot from employees long gone.  I'm having to do the advanced search and put in each person's name - which is very time consuming, and requires a lot of effort.  If I search for all, then I have to mouse over the little check mark thousands of times - which is even more impossible, being as I can't sort by date checked out.  I would think it should be easy for a report to be created that would show checked out documents, who checked them out, and when they were checked out. 

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I have actually added this to my employee departure checklist to make sure all documents have been checked back in.  It would be great if a bulk feature would be added soon.  Thank you.


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