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NDMail: Allow for profiling options when saving an email for the email and attachments

First let me say sorry if this request is already in the system. I tried to find one so I could help vote it up but I was unable to locate any previous requests.

When our firm is knee deep in a case we like to profile emails with notes to have them grouped in a saved search. We just started to use NDMail but it has added a level of work to our process instead of making things easier. The benefits to NDMail are being out weighted by this extra work. When saving using NDSave you can change profile options on the email but NDMail just saves with the most basic of options (Email). This is fine for some of our emails but when you use Save Searches based on Notes but can't update the notes area when filing, you have to go to the matter and make adjustments to the newly saved email.  

I see a lot of attachment related requests to NDMail, it would be great if you were to add the Attachment feature and Profiling options feature when filing. 





Status: None

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