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Saving into NetDocuments Directly from Website

The feature currently isn't available to save directly into NetDocuments from the ILGA.

We need to be able to save the Illinois Complied Statutes in PDF directly to NetDocuments.

Status: None

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Agreed. We need the ability to save PDF files from any website, especially court sites. When you change the setting to open links to PDF files in Acrobat, it breaks the ability to Preview PDF files from ndWeb.

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YES, yes, yes! There needs to be an ability to save PDFs opened in a browser directly into NetDocs. This is needed by many legal assistants at our law firm who save pdfs sent to them via link from the court and this is causing a slow in productivity to deal with a work-around to accomplish something that should not be this difficult. This feature needs to be added to make life easier when saving pdfs directly into NetDocs from websites.

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