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Manual Offline Mode for NDoffice

We have users who are often trying to work on a poor connection (using their mobile as a hotspot for example) and will get frequent prompts to sign in whenever the connection is reestablished. Unfortunately support have told me there is no way to manaully go into offline mode which will automatically happen when there is no connection. As the connection is intermitent and the connection may drop by the time the prompt has loaded following a brief reconnection what happens is a disruptive series of prompts which the user cannot get rid off. A manul offline mode would be very welcomed.

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One of our users has reported this issue.

Netdocs has an annoying habit in the form of a pop up which tells you when
you have no internet connection (e.g. while on a train with no signal).
The pop up says that “You can work locally or try to reconnect”. After
giving you the choice between these two options, it then presents you with
a single button, “Reconnect”. If you close the pop up, a new pop up
appears soon afterwards. This is very irritating and disrupts your plans
to get on with some work (e.g. drafting emails, working with locally saved
documents which you had prepared for a no signal train journey, etc).

I wonder if we could ask them to add another option to
this pop-up, namely “Work Locally”. It might then check again an hour
If anyone knows of a way to get rid of these popups then do please let me
know. I’ve tried shutting down the application in the Task Bar. No joy.



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There is a way to disable these pop-up notifications through your registry settings.

I recommend reaching out to our support team, and they can walk you through the proper steps of disabling these messages.

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Here are the options for disabling that pop up from the registry. 

You can get this information from the "NetDocuments Registry Key Table and Command Line Switches" document found in various places on the support site, including the ndoffice installation guide here:

I realize that this picture may not make much sense to someone who is unfamiliar with changing registry settings.

If you arent familiar with how to modify your registry with these settings, we DO NOT recommend you try this on your own, have your IT professional do it. If you do not have an IT professional available to you, please proceed with caution whenever making any manual changes to your registry as it can cause further frustrations, if done improperly.

If you'd like more information on these switches and what they can or cannot do, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager. ;)

--ND Support 


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Unfortunately the registry change I believe will only solve part of the problem. When we have users on spotty connections they will also be prompted to authenticate regularly as the software get disconnected and reconnected over and over. As we have MFA enabled with office 365 federation this is very disruptive. A manual offline mode is definitely required.

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