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Allow Cabinet Administrators to restrict their own access to a workspace

We have one matter for which there are court-ordered restrictions on access to documents. A firm partner and I are both Cabinet Administrators, but we are not working on that particular matter. I cannot restrict our access to the workspace in question, because "Cabinet Administrators cannot be locked out of any item in a cabinet they are administrating." Why not? Once the matter is closed and the restrictions are lifted, I could reverse the process couldn't I?

Or do you have a workaround? Must we cede our administrator role to the administrator who is working on the matter for the duration of this matter?  That would restrict a lot of the work I do.

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I agree. I think there is a strong case for a new right that gives Cabinet Admins the ability to see & change the properties of a document but not view its content (which might meet the intention of the court order in your case).  I've previously raised this as a suggestion here

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