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Add a 'cancel' button to Modify Access dialog box

On the Modify Access dialog, there is only a 'Close' button. It should have both 'Save/OK' and 'Cancel'. When modifying the access of an item, users often either want to discard their changes, or don't remember if they made a change. Clicking 'close' will save the changes and close the dialog (which they may not). If they don't want to save the changes, they need to click the red X to close the window, or click the small blue words 'restore original values' which isn't clear what it does. This makes it easy to accidentally make access changes. Having a 'Cancel' button would allow them to easily close the dialog and keep the original access as it was before they entered the dialog. 

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A distinct Cancel, Close, Save option list for just about every dialog would be very beneficial. I've been complaining about this configuration for some years now and been told its being worked on....... and here we are.

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