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Create a URL shortcut file on the Desktop, that points to a document

From ndWeb, I'd like the option to create a URL shortcut file on my desktop.

Of course I can make one, but it's a lot of steps.   

In ndWeb, if I'm viewing my Recent Documents, I can tick a checkbox and then press Ctrl and click Doc ID and get a nice HTTP link on my clipboard that I can then paste anywhere.  Great!

But what if I want to create an actual URL file on my desktop?
I must do more steps...
1. right-click the desktop
2. choose New | Shortcut
3. paste the ND HTTP path in the textbox
4. choose Next
5. give it a name (if ndWeb was doing it for me I wouldn't need to create a name)
6. choose Finish

Now I (finally) have a URL file that will perform an ndWeb search, and bring me to the Search Results. 

However it's a lot of clicks.

I wish...
* I could do all the steps above with just a right-click option
* I could choose to have a link that actually opens the document (adds "&open=1" to the end of the HTTP path)
* I could choose to have a link that just opens a preview of the document (adds "&open=1&openMode=16385" to the end) 

The point of this request is to create a FILE with a URL extension that can reside on the file system (or be copy/pasted inside another document!)

Status: None

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