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SetBuilder - knowledge documents

I have listened to a webinar on SetBuilder and there weres some comments about SetBuilder also being used for knowledge documents/precedents. 

On that webinar there was a comment that SetBuilder may be further customised to allow the Sets tab to prepopulate based on a WorkSpace template type.

It would be even more useful if pre-defined sets could be added to that template type and auto-populated into the Set tab.  It would also be great if knowledge/precedents documents from another cabinet (that is not set up in workspace format) could be Prepopulated into a set tab based on a WorkSpace template type.  There is a product in Australia called WorkSpace Designer by Trinogy Systems that works with iManage that does something similar to this.  So in effect, SetBuilder could be used for pdf binders, workflows and precedent sets on all one place.

Happy to provide more input if unclear.


Status: None

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