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ndSave - replacing an existing prior version of a document

I needed to replace an earlier version of a document. I had 6 versions and needed to replace version 5 with the client's document. I was successfully able to do that by designating version 5 as the "Official Version" before performing the save/replace. However, while performing the save, it appeared as if I was going to be replacing version 6, as that is what was showing in the ndSave window under versions column. I went ahead and saved and I did indeed replace version 5 with the client's document. However, upon further examination, the reporting of the "last modified by" and "comments" were written to version 6, and not version 5. So version 5 didn't update reporting changes, and version 6 lost its original reporting as the replacement of version 5 was reported in version 6. Also, It would be nice if when changing an official version that the change would be displayed in the ndSave window as the version being replaced (the official version) or have an additional column showing the official version as well as reporting the change to the proper version being replaced and not the most current version which was not the official version. I sure hope that makes sense. If this document was being replaced within the same day, it probably wouldn't matter, but when it is being done at a later time, the original version 5 shows no change at all and version 6 now shows it was changed when it was not changed. The history reports this correctly. Now if we (ND) could just make the user experience better and make the version reporting correct.

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Versions can be confusing enough for end users.
Correct recording of metrics by ND itself should be of the highest priority at all times.

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