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Filing to workspaces via ndMail

If a user files something to a workspace via ndMail when they're not supposed to, the e-mail will go through all of its retries before notifying the user of the inevitable failure some 24 hours later:

1st retry: 10-20 min after the first failure
2nd retry: 2-4 hours after the previous failure
3rd retry: 12-18 hours after the previous failure

Deselecting the Workspaces checkbox in the EMS section of the cabinet settings will prevent workspaces from showing up in the ndMail predictions pane, so this should go some way to preventing users from selecting them in the first place, but it's not foolproof. 

Please can some mechanism be put in place whereby the user is immediately prevented from filing to the workspace, or at least warned immediately that the filing will fail. Currently the timer just spins and spins for 24 hours. 


Status: None

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