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Saving email to multiple folders within the same Workspace

We have a scenario where one of our practice groups has a cabinet where Workspaces are based on client numbers.  Within those workspaces, they have a folder for each task they have and they save the email communication for each task in the folder it goes with.  However, often the client will send one email that pertains to several of the tasks and they would like to save a copy of the email (with a unique doc id) in each of the folders it pertains to.  However, it is not currently possible to do this within ndOffice.  You can save an email into multiple workspaces, but it is not currently not intended by ND for saving into folders within the same Workspace.

In some cases, the email needs to be saved to 10-15 folders and causes a lot of extra work for the group where they have to save the email via ndOffice to one folder in the workspace and then go to the web version of NetDocuments and use the copy function to copy the document to additional folders. The copy feature adds an additonal 3-4 steps (and waiting) for each additional folder the file needs to be copied to.

Can ndOffice be adjusted to allow for saving a copy of a document into folders within the same Workspace?  

Status: None

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