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Connector for Microsoft Flow

I recently saw on Microsoft Flow's website that a connector exists for NetDocuments but it's still listed as in "Preview"

We are looking into potential automations with Flow and was wondering if the ND Flow Connector is something that's going to continue to be developed/enhanced or if it's on the road map for deprecation/retirement?

We would not want to create integrations to systems like Case Management and ND if the ND Flow connector isn't going to be around much longer.

Status: None

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I have also recently come across Power Flow NetDocuments trigger.

Some of the actions look good.  However the action we are actually after is “Create Workspace” within a cabinet rather than “Create Folder” within workspace.

Given that this is in preview, are we expecting more actions to be added, in particular “Create Workspace”?

Any update on this would be great.

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