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Admin Console - Profile Attributes

Not a fan of the new look.  Too many clicks.  I generally go here to reopen a matter - that is - delete the contents of the close date field.  Occasionally I update the name of a workspace.  It appears now that it would be easy to inadvertently mess things up. I did the heavy lifting in this area when we went live years ago.  I will not ever need to modify the actual profile attributes.

Status: Planned

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Hi everyone, we appreciate your feedback on the Profile Attributes page, which is one of several pages that we've updated recently in the Admin Console. Based on that feedback, we've already begun planning to revisit this page to make it more usable for administrators to handle the work you do every day. 

We expect to make this change in the near term and will post an update in our 2019 Web Refreshes page along with a link to supporting documentation when it is released on beta. Thanks again for your support and feedback!

Dan Hauck
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I have several concerns about the new layout: 

1) taking away the ability to simply double click on the table name to Edit makes editing a table a lot more work

2) having the Edit button way off to the right, so far away from the table name makes clicking the right button on the correct table problematic.  Put the edit button just to the left of the table name would make this much easier, if we can't have double click.  right click options would be nice also. 

3) having the delete table button right next to the Edit button is scary!  one little slip of the mouse and your in trouble. granted, it will confirm before deleting, but a waste of time when you are trying to focus on the table name so you select the proper table, and happen to click the wrong button by mistake.  

There are so many ways this could have been restructured to improve functionality and ease of use, I'm troubled by these changes.  

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Couldn't agree more.  Not only do I find it MUCH more difficult to work with, I'm getting constant questions and complaints from clients who are struggling!

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Out of curiosity, are customers consulted in design changes such as this one?  The Admin functionality/layout has been one of my "issues" with ND since my first roll out a few years back. An admin tool should first and foremost present tools in a functional manner. When I go access the Admin function, I want to quickly get to the tool and make the change, not guess what a tool does, not scroll down to continue (move this thing to the top) etc. Thanks much.

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