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Browser - Document History - Show "Check Out"

When opening a document from the web browser, the history shows "Downloaded document".  Can this please be changed to "Checked out".

We would like to show the difference of when people open documents (automatic downloading to Echo), vs download (to desktop/USB etc).

In this screenshot, I opened the document from the browser, closed document, then downloaded the document once. 



Status: None

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Yes, it would be better than having to glean from the later Check In activity that presumably it was a checkout.

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This makes sense. I've had a related request and this is to do with the current logs which mirrors the history info. When auditing access history to a file, one cannot distinguish between just opening a pdf as it is marked as "downloaded.." as opposed to someone actually selecting the download function and saving it to some other path. If the destination path was at least included in the log, one can then distinguish between standard ndecho folders and other location easily. This difference is crucial particularly for data leak checking if massive download is happening (or just multiple batch opening of files). Agree with one of the comments here that it should be a priority too.

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