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Deliver a secured link - 'download all' groups documents in threes

Hi all,

We would use the 'deliver a secured link' function, however we find that if we are sending many documents, when the email is received by the recipient, the list of files are grouped in 3's, each with their own 'download all' link.

If I click 'download all' it will only download those three documents. It will not download ALL documents that have been shared.

I would expected that if sharing many documents, the 'download all' would download ALL of them into a single zip file. If you agree, could this be fixed?


Status: None

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I agree!  We would like to use the "Deliver a secured link" feature more and would like Download All to be an option - instead of 3 at a time.  We have had to pay for other services like Sharefile for this purpose but would prefer to use Net Docs instead!  Thanks!

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