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Profile Attributes - Users list view - Defaults & Restriction to the Repository and Cabinet - Provide relevant data only to users


We have a number of profile attributes per cabinet which currently means  all users have to scroll through a long list of attributes. We have tried to improve the user experience by placing a naming convention but there remains a few oddities, which we would welcome improvement, those being;

  1. List view defaults are set at repository not Cabinet level & require each user to set up their individual view 
  2. When a user has access to more than one repository the Profile Attributes Merge to something similar to Matter/IP Matter, which is confusing. 
  3. Users are able to select data from other cabinets but when looking at the list view it's not shown 
  4. Description of the profile attribute is visible to the user even when it’s not relevant at a document level - Sometimes this data is only relevant to sys admin i.e. Doc type description, if this is needed should have a separate table for users.  

To remedy the above, it would be better to enable admins to set a default per cabinet, this will build in consistency and reduce the burden on the initial roll-out. Additionally the list view selection should be restricted to the repository and cabinet the user is in  - as well as present pertinent information at a document level.

Status: None

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