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Consolidate Email Link and Deliver a Secured Link into Share Document (Link) Option

When users want to share documents with outside parties, they often utilize Email Link instead of Deliver a Secured Link.  Despite repetitive training efforts, because Email Link is the first option they see, they inevitably click it first.

It would be great if both these options could be consolidated into a Share Document (Link) workflow to guide the user appropriately.

So when the user clicks Share Document (Link), they select the users/emails they want to send to and any internal repository users that are found in the list are sent an internal document link, while all other users (if any are detected) move to the next screen that presents the Secure Document Link options.  By putting this in a workflow that guides the user, it ensures the document will be accessed appropriately by both internal and external parties and offers the end user one option to select.

Just a thought... 

Status: None

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