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More visibility into our own repository, cabinets, and user activity

I think there should be some built-in functionality in the form of reports and/or drill-down dashboards that can show me more definitively what's going on with our documents.

I want to know a specific user's activity in the last 30 days, without exporting an XML file of ALL user activity and feeding it through a parser utility. The document download threshold alerts are nice, but if I want real detail, it's an arduous process.

Or what about a report displaying a specific user or group's security access across workspaces in a given cabinet?  

How about most used workspaces in the last 30 days?  Least used?  Workspaces with the most document downloads?  etc. etc.

I know this information is available via the API and a 3rd party's help, but some measure of visibility into security, access, and usage should be built into the product itself beyond what's available today.

Status: None

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