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Copying Files from Cabinets

From one of our users -- Support asked us to post this here.  Thank you.

When I create new documents on a brand new matter that does not yet have a client number assigned yet, I create a folder in my User cabinet to hold them. When a number is assigned, I will move them to the Client cabinet.  Our User cabinet does not have any requirements on what (if anything) needs to go into the profile. The Client cabinet does have mandatory requirements. When I move several documents from the User cabinet to the Client cabinet, it does not prompt me to add any profile info and leaves the mandatory fields blank. That means I need to go into each one individually and change it, or the next time the attorney goes into one, it needs to be edited. This is problematic. I do not understand why it prompts for a profile when I copy them between cabinets, but not when I move them. The workaround would be to copy them over (thereby prompting the profile info) and then go back into the User cabinet and delete the other version. Either way, there are extra steps that are a waste of time.

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