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Video size allowed

I believe the current size for videos saved to ND is 4MB.  If that could be increased, it would be extremely helpful to my users.  Thank you.

Status: None

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Large video files are not workable in NetDocuments for many reasons, simply adjusting the max size only solves the "archiving" of larger video content which seldom will be accessed due to ND limitations. Instead NetDocuments should develop a feature rich "video solution". Streaming content instead of downloading the entire file, automatically transcribing the audio track to a text searchable transcription, tagging, sharing - completely interactive. The world has moved to interactive video for years, let's get this into NetDocuments!

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I totally agree with David's comments.  Video's need to stream from NetDocuments.  A 2GB video in NetDocuments is not a workable solution.  Many in our litigation departments store the video files on a different system and then place a weblink in the Matter Workspace to try to provide easy access to the video files.  NetDocuments should be the one-stop-shop for all matter files.

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