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Long File Names

This is in response to the announcement that NetDocuments Platform Naming/Size Increases are coming soon. I think the increase in characters allowed for a document name can cause more issues than solve problems, at least in my environment. I see this causing myself and other IT staff headaches when users download, attach to email, etc. as the document name would be too long for some Operating systems, programs, Email clients, CD File systems etc., which can still have shorter limits.

The latest versions of Windows can support longer file names if the group policies are changed, but they are not enabled by default because of the issues it can cause. (Only later builds of Windows 10 and Server 2016 have the ability to increase the file names). Even if we increase our Windows environment, many of our clients are slow to upgrade their environments; therefore, this can issues when collaborating using documents with long names.

I would hope NetDocuments would either automatically truncate the name, which users would not like, or not allow the download etc. if the name is too long for the destination system or program.

I would also suggest that some of the increases, if not all, be a setting at the repository or cabinet level so we can set our own size limits to better match our environments and workflows, and increase them if or when we want.

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Rambling reply but I wish to add my two cents to this.

Thinking through this from a display standpoint. Imagine how a 3 layer 1000 character folder limit would show on a user's screen. 180 characters reaches nearly to the middle of my 24" monitor and I'm on a small font setting. 

What is the display impact as the folder tree (inlcuding workspace details) would need to wrap? In theory, a workspace could end up with multiple lines of text cluttering up the top of the screen.

Out of curiosity, why would anyone want 1000 character file name? Take an example of 3 documents added to an Outlook outbound message. How would 3 1000 character file names be displayed in the attachment area? How would that look to the recipient?

Now the user would like to use the NDoffice plug in to change the attachment's name/convert to PDF etc via the native ND Edit button. That tool's window currently cannot be expanded. If the files have similar names for the first 50 or so characters, the user will have issues distinguishing which is which. 

Can I second the request to add a setting at the cabinet/repository level so firms can decide to limit this option? Then, enable the ability to expand on a case by case basis down to the workspace/folder level?

Thank  you,

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