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Breadcrumb at top of information window

When looking at document info in the flyout pane, we would love to see that the location information is not buried at the bottom under the locations button.

Best scenario would be having the full breadcrumb path to the location of the document at the top of the page

Status: None

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To expand on this idea, it would be good if the sections of the Details pane were all collapsible and "sticky".  When working in a Client/Matter cabinet keeping the Profile Details section and Version section expanded to quickly see the information is helpful.  However, when working in a Folder Structure cabinet, the Profile Details section typically is not helpful but the Location section is.  Being able to collapse the Profile Details section and expand the Location section would be much better in that situation.  They would need to be "sticky" so it doesn't change when going from document to document in a list.

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