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Include metadata in any error messages

Our staff work on high volumes of documents, and when they get a delayed error message, the File Name may not be sufficient to tell which document the error relates to.

Example error message, that appeared the following day.  The staff had saved 50+ files with the same name, into multiple workspaces.  It is not possible to determine which document failed to save.

I suggest a 'more information' type button which includes the attempted save location, date, time etc to make this easier.


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I would definitely second this. I save documents for a lot of different people in the office. Oftentimes, the error message doesn't show up until 5-10 minutes after the document failed to upload, at which point I've long since moved on and have no way of determining which document the message is referring to. 

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It would also be helpful to know if the actual document made it.  We end up having to find the DocID, search for it in the Web.  If the user names it the same we have to then go and delete it from the Echo Folder - otherwise the document will not save properly.

Thank you.

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