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Sorting the matter list as descending when saving PDF


Some of our clients have a lot of matters. When saving a pdf to a matter the list is only showing 20 at a time. 
Some clients have over 400 matters meaning you have to click next page 20 times to get to the end (and most resent = most likely to be the matter in question).


Reference picture:

What we would like is the ability to sort by ascending or descending.

Is it possible to make this happen?

Status: None

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The user can technically manually type in the page number, and hit GO and it will skip them forward to that page, instead of having to manually skip all 20.  

Also, couldn't the user just simply click on the "Recently Selected" tab in order to see the most recent matters they've worked on?  How often do they have to see all matters, instead of only those they've worked on most recently?

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