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ndOffice Recent Documents -- apply filter by document type

If a user batch uploads a large number of documents of a single file type (for example PDF), all of the ndOffice dialog boxes (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) show NO FILES to open when going to Recent Documents. This also happens when a user simply works with a large number of single file type (PDF) documents.

If you click on Recently Edited or Recently Opened or Recently Added, ndOffice seems to correctly show items. Unfortunately this translates into confusion for users as this should be displayed in the all view for Recent Documents.

Seems like the rationale here is to match Recent Documents between ndWeb and ndOffice. However when using a specific application (Word for example) it is not meaningful to limit the Recent Documents list based on the traditional view of all items in ndWeb Recent Documents.

Recommendation would be to have ND change the ndOffice application to display Recent Documents based on a given document type (Word or Excel or PowerPoint or PDF for example). Always show my recent Word documents, no matter what other documents I have been working with.

Status: None

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