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Mass Export Tool in need of an upgrade

I would equate the status of the current Mass Export Tool as “adequate” and in need of a massive upgrade.

Example: We have a need to export all matters for a client who has multiple client codes. This totals over 300 workspaces.

Consider the process with the current tools. Commentary on requests for each point.

    1. Manually visit each workspace in ND. (Allow access from the tool directly via search so we do not have to rely on recent matters)
    2. Optional data collection by running an Advanced Search by client to expose the Revise tool This then will allow an expansion by matter level to capture doc count by matter….this is useful for step 9. (Create accurate document level workspace report. Just an easy doc count report would be very useful)
    3. Open the tool, expand the recent workspaces. (Permit direct access for workspaces in tool so #1 can be skipped)
    4. Hope the workspace names are not too long so I can see the client matter codes. (Allow ability to expand the window!)
    5. Manually create a target directory folder for each workspace. (Have tool create folder if it does not exist).
    6. Browse or copy paste the destination folder.
    7. Select the source workspace (Improve the highlight/visibility of selected workspace. Currently too dim if focus changed)
    8. Click OK
    9. Enjoy the minimal information provided by status bar. Export Completed status can appear multiple times during the process. If one does not know the doc count beforehand, there is no definitive way to ensure all documents were exported. See step 2. The “Downloading ‘#x’ of #” should reflect a total # in the last counter. Expand the ‘title’ bar to show full name or start with client/matter code. Currently cuts off. Additional information useful for tracking what matter is being worked on.
    10. Change the wording for each document to “File export completed” and the final export to “Matter Export completed”.
  • Option to select multiple matters to export to matter level folders.


  1. Review export folder. Note the document filters are created as folders regardless if files exist for these items. (Revise export to skip blank filters)
  2. Can the DocumentList.XML and ndExportLog.txt file somehow be named associated with the client/matter code or just the matter code?

Thank you

Status: None

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Thank you so much for you feedback!

We are planning to introduce a better way of exporting all client's matters later this year or early next year. You'd just need to pick a client and the tool would organize all the data

Volodymyr Morozov
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Agreed, and also I would like something similar for the Folder Import Tool - whenever we have to add data to multiple workspaces e.g. when a new lawyer joins our firm with lots of client and matter data, we have to follow similar steps to the above. 

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