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Move the Documents and Matters buttons on Home Page away from the Workspace path (breadcrumbs)

Is it possible to move the Documents and Matters buttons on the Home Page toward the center of the dark blue bar?  I am constantly accidentally activating them when going to click on a level of the path (breadcrumbs) which is directly below those 2 buttons.  And if I click too fast, I spend more time navigating back out of Documents or Matters.

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I know this isn't a complete solution to what you're asking for, but, It helps if you PIN the sidebar menu.  It places your breadcrumbs way outside of the danger zone.

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Hi Tanner,

Thanks for the suggestion, but the sidebar menu takes up so much real estate, that's not really an efficient option for me.  But I appreciate you offering a workaround.

Another thought, although probably more difficult than making the buttons stable in a different location, would be to make them drag-able across the blue bar.

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