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NDAttach in Outlook - attach documents from different workspaces

I want to be able to add attachments from different workspaces to a specific email without having to re open the Attach window when I add a document from another workspace.

Can a functionality be created that is similar to saving attachments into NetDocuments from Outlook? When  you save an email and its attachments the options in the save window are:

Click the button "Save" in order to save an Attachment into a Workspace and subsequently browse to a different workspace and save another attachment from the same email into a different workspace. The Save window remains open.

If you want to Save the attachment into one specific workspace you could click the button "Save and Close" the Save window then closes.

Therefore,  can we have an "Attach" button - the window remains open and you would be able to browse to another workspace in order to attach another document.

The other would be "Attach and close" for when you have finished attaching documents.

Status: None

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