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ndMail submit to improve suggestions

I recently opened a ticket asking how best to troubleshoot reports of poor suggestions from users. Some users love the suggestions, others report that the initial suggestions are never right. I was informed by support that the best way to improve the suggestions is to provide the message ID and a timestamp which can be provided tot he product team. I'm just never going to be able to get that from my users.

Instead I would like to suggest the addition of a "submit to improve suggestions" option in ndMail that the user could simply click to send the message id, timestamp, perhaps the suggested locations, and the eventual filing location to the product team for evaluation. This would be similar to how many antivirus and spam utilities have an option to submit false-positives and false-negatives.
Conceivably since the user actually cares about filing when they notice it's possible that this submission could be handled AUTOMATICALLY if the user files to a workspace that is not in the top X number of suggestions.

Status: None

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