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Deliver a secure link from Outlook (from nd integration within outlook)

Currently the options from Outlook/ND Integration when sending an email with attachment - file or link  - I am able to select from Net documents ribbon section "attach" which then allows me to attach a net documents file or a 'file link'.  It would be useful to have the option to choose to 'deliver a secured link' from this point as well.

Most of our staff, like most offices, work mostly from their email accounts.  So, to have to stop and go out and login to the ND web site and then locate the document(s) and then select 'deliver a secured link' is not productive work flow.

Most of our links we send out to external users - those people do not want to be dealing with another username/password to get to a document we send.  We send all 'secured links' without requiring a username/password. 

Given that most email systems are forbidding certain file attachments based on size and file types this would be a nice added feature to the Outlook/ND integration.

Status: None

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