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Security Access - after viewing Show members return to group name

When viewing a security group's members, there is no easy way to return back to the group name without having to scroll through the full list and locate the group's name.

You may want to check members to ensure you have the correct group name.  It is best to add the group name for security as members are added and removed as needed.  Since there is no easy way to return to the group name, many add the individuals which is not the best practice.

Is it possible to add a button such as "Return to Group" similar to the Show members button?

1. Modify access

2. Highlight a group

3. Select Show members to verify the members and you have the appropriate group

4. Choose the Group container

5. Scroll through the list or type the first few letters and select the Group name to add..

Not many attorneys will use steps 4 or 5 since it requires more steps.


Status: None

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