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Activity Center; filter emails/documents/both

As the AC goes from strength to strength, and from ndOffice 2.5 now also can be used to Reply/Reply All/Forward emails, showing emails in the AC now makes way more sense then in the beginning. BUT, it would be sweet if I in the AC could - as in the ndWeb List View - be able to filter the contents and be able to show only emails/documents/both in order to get a better overview.

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I agree most emphatically with this suggestion.  I rarely need emails I filed.  I look for documents in the Activity Center and scrolling through a plethora of emails that I filed and then 1 document, another plethora of emails then another document and so on and so forth.  the Activity Center used to be my GO TO for recent documents.  Now it's a waste of time and I find using my Home page and drilling to the document I want is much faster and less tiresome.  Either provide separate tabs for each or give us an option with radio buttons in ndOffice Activity Center > Settings to view, emails/documents/both.  This way all your customers can pick their preferences.

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